Ford Parts for Improving Fuel Economy

June 10th, 2022 by

Ford parts

Even if you drive a Ford model that has very good MPG numbers, there are almost certainly things you can do to enhance your fuel economy. Ensuring that your tires are inflated to the proper levels and getting regular oil changes are a couple of examples. You may also want to consider adding some new Ford parts to your car.

Lighter Suspension Components

Making your car as light as possible is a great way to boost fuel economy, which is why if you have a lot of clutter in there that isn’t important, you should take it out. You can also replace parts of your suspension system – like the struts, shocks, and springs – with lighter parts.

A Better Air Intake System

Gas mileage is affected by several things, including the air that flows into the engine. If you have a high-flow cold air intake system installed in your car, this ensures that cold air always goes to the engine. Colder air is denser and has more oxygen, which means that your fuel economy will be improved.

A New Exhaust System

Enhanced airflow will improve the efficiency of an engine, but there’s another element that can’t be overlooked: exhaust. This needs to be expelled as effectively as possible, and a cat-back exhaust system will do it. It comes with a muffler and pipes specifically designed to get rid of exhaust much more efficiently.

If you’re interested in adding any of these components to your car, the parts center at Woodhouse Ford of Blair will make sure you get just what you need. Plus, anything can be installed at our service center.

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