Ford Repairs You Shouldn’t DIY

May 19th, 2022 by

Ford repairs

Some car issues are simple enough for car owners to diagnose and fix out of their own garages. Other automotive problems are far more complex and require professional intervention. Learn which Ford repairs fall under this category and should never be attempted by the car owner.

Timing Belt Replacement

You can detect signs of a frayed timing belt by looking for frays and cracks. You should not, however, attempt to remove the belt and replace it with a new one. Putting in a new timing belt requires a technician to remove half of the engine block and reassemble it once the belt is fitted. Improper handling of the engine can lead to damage to the valves or pistons.

Shock Absorber Replacement

If you do not properly install new shock absorbers, it can seriously place your car suspension at risk of greater damage. The installation process is also dangerous for a DIYer. It requires getting under the vehicle. You can potentially crush your hand when trying to remove the damaged shocks. It’s also easy to mistake the struts for the shocks.

Windshield Replacement

You may think it’s easy to repair a windshield, especially with restoration kits readily available in automotive shops. However, the process is seldom as simple as applying a coat of epoxy resin and allowing it to dry. Applying epoxy resin may not prevent the crack from gradually spreading. This further elevates the risk of the glass completely shattering in a collision.

Fuel Pump Replacement

The fuel pump is an extremely sensitive part that requires precision installation. Install it incorrectly, and it can lead to a chain of other problems. You can offset fuel pump damage by using fuel recommended in your vehicle user manual.

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