Ford Van Maintenance Tasks

March 15th, 2022 by

Ford van

If you drive a Ford van for your business, it’s vital that it remains in good condition. Whether for deliveries, on-site repairs, or anything else, your vehicle has to be reliable, as any downtime will cost you money. This is why regular maintenance tasks are so essential.

Oil Changes

The engine is the heart of your Ford van, and to keep it in good health, it needs clean oil. This ensures that the moving parts get the lubrication they require.

Oil congeals and becomes dirty over time, which hurts an engine’s performance. It also makes the engine work harder, which means it burns up gas faster, resulting in you having to fill up more often.

Tire Rotations

The more you drive, the more your tires wear down. And because tires can be pricey, you’ll want yours to last as long as possible.

Rotations help make this happen, as they allow the tires to wear down more evenly. This also helps improve performance and safety.

Fluid Top-Offs

The transmission, power steering, and brakes are just a few systems in your van that require fluids. This is why checking these components periodically is a smart idea so you can be sure that they are always at the right levels.

Battery Tests

What would happen if your van’s battery died? You’d probably be unable to make your delivery on time or complete your move.

Regular battery tests are vital. A typical battery may only last about three to five years, which is why it pays to be proactive and replace yours if the juice is running low.

Count on Woodhouse Ford of Blair for Your Maintenance Needs

The service center at Woodhouse Ford of Blair can help keep your Ford van on the road. Contact us to make an appointment for any maintenance tasks you need.

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