Installing an EV Charging Station at Home

June 20th, 2022 by

home EV charging

What’s one thing an electric car has over a gas-powered vehicle? Ease of access. While you can’t put a gas station in your home, you can install your own home EV charging station.

Level 1 Charging

The most basic way to charge up an electric car is just by plugging it into a regular 120-volt outlet. This is considered Level 1 charging. This isn’t the most efficient way to charge a battery, however, as it only adds between three and five miles of driving range per hour.

Level 2 Charging

With Level 2 charging, you will be able to get your car’s battery juiced up a lot faster. This involves using a 240-volt outlet, which will get a battery full generally between 10 and 15 hours.

Creating your own Level 2 charging station is easy; just having a 240-volt outlet installed in your home will do it. If you have a dryer, it’s probably using this type of outlet, and you may just need to get an adapter to have it work for your car.

Level 3 Charging

The final type of charging is Level 3, which can be found at public stations. Because of the high power of these chargers, they can’t be used in residential homes. It is worthwhile, however, knowing where some are located in your area in case you need to stop while you’re out.

If you have questions about charging an electric vehicle, we’d be glad to answer them at Woodhouse Ford of Blair. We can also let you know about the electric cars that are coming to our dealership.

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