Meet the Ford Family: A Midsize Car Comparison

Meet the Ford Family: A Midsize Car Comparison

When searching for a vehicle that’s not too big and not too small, it can be beneficial to engage in a midsize car comparison to understand the differences between the many Ford vehicles available to shoppers. Though numerous cars fall into this category, there’s a remarkable degree of diversity among the new and used midsize vehicles at our Blair Ford dealership.

In broad strokes, Ford’s midsize lineup can be broken down into two groups: crossover SUVs and trucks.

Midsize Ford Performance

Among its trucks, Ford offers the midsize Ford Ranger, which leverages a turbocharged engine to output 270 horsepower and 310 lb-fit of torque. That gives this medium-duty truck an impressive towing capacity of up to 7500 pounds, proving that big things do indeed come in small packages.

The raw utility and nimbleness of its smaller frame make the Ford Ranger an easy choice for midsize car shoppers in need of a workhorse vehicle that makes work as fun as play.

More contenders enter the fray at the midsize SUV and crossover level, which includes the Ford Explorer, Ford Edge, and the classic Ford Bronco. The Ford Edge and Ford Bronco both feature two rows of seats with the latter perfectly suited for drivers who enjoy traversing trails and the occasional sandy dune.

Among these models, the 2021 and 2020 Ford Explorer have an available hybrid option with a gasoline engine and electric motor to output 318 horsepower.

Midsize Ford Interiors – Designed for Comfort and Durability

Inside, each of these Ford models feature an impressively refined cabin that is as sleek as it is practical. From the dynamic black and chrome grille that leads the Ford Ranger to the stunning 12-inch portrait infotainment system in the Ford Edge, each truck or SUV commands the no-nonsense nuance of Ford’s unmistakable design language in a way that is designed to stand out and last for years to come.

Despite being classified as midsize, none of the vehicles on Ford’s roster are lacking for space. The 2021 Explorer offers a generous 83.9-inches of cargo space behind the driver’s seat, while the two-row Ford Edge has 74.8-inches of storage, and the 2021 Ranger can be outfitted with up to a 72-inch cargo bed.

Test Drive a Midsize Ford Car Today

If you’re still having trouble deciding which new or used midsize Ford is right for you, schedule an appointment to visit our Ford showroom near Sioux City for a test drive and experience each model for yourself.