How to Customize Your Ford SUV

March 10th, 2021 by

If you drive a Ford SUV, you probably love lots of things about it, including its power and size. However, if you customize a Ford SUV, you can get even more fun out of it. With the right accessories, you can:

Improve Your Cargo Area

Do you often find yourself needing to transport supplies in your Ford Explorer? There are loads of things you can do to improve your cargo area. An envelope-style net, for example, will prevent your stuff from rolling around.

You can also get a stain-resistant polyethylene tray that will protect your carpet. For added security, you can get a cargo shade to keep things hidden.

Have Better Road Trips

Planning to take some road trips this spring or summer? Instead of shelling out for an expensive hotel, with an SUV tent, anywhere, you go can be your temporary home.

This 9’x9’ tent attaches to the back of your vehicle and provides room for up to six people. It also has a bathtub-style floor for waterproofing and is very easy to set up.

Enhance Your Peace of Mind

You can never be too careful, especially where your vehicle is concerned. With a Perimeter Plus security system, you’ll always know your car is protected. It utilizes a shock sensor to determine whether to emit a warning chirp or a full alarm if there’s an impact on the glass or body panel.

Plus, you can use your key fob to arm and disarm it.

These are just a few accessories that can help you customize your Ford vehicle. If you’re interested in one of these or something else, get in touch with our Ford dealership near Sioux City. Anything can be ordered through our parts department and installed in our service center.

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